To return the United States to its founding ideals as envisioned by our forefathers - a Christian constitutional republic, where the sovereign states formed a very limited federal government, with very limited enumerated powers, to unite as one country, while at the same time retaining their sovereign identities and powers.


Constitutional Adherence:


Advocating for a strict interpretation of the U.S. Constitution because our republic is rule of law, if we deviate from the rule of law then our law (constitution) is a worthless recommended guideline, and so anything goes.

Opposing federal overreach in areas not explicitly granted by the Constitution, such as education, healthcare, environmental regulation, and so forth.  If there is a true desire to grant authority to the federal government to areas outside of the enumerated powers in the constitution then the constitution (law) must be formally changed.


Government Accountability:


Challenging the status quo of political leadership, demanding accountability from federal and state officials to their constitutional oaths.

Promoting transparency and integrity in government, free from the influence of special interest groups.  One of Walz’s pet peeves is when bureaucracies hide behind classification in order to hide the truth, this is one thing Walz will try to address.


Fiscal Responsibility:


Addressing the national debt crisis by demanding constitutional government spending.  There are so many issues that are existential threats to our republic, the debt is one of them.

Inflation, the hidden tax, is crippling Americans.  Inflation, caused by inflating the money supply, comes very easily when it is just a push of a key on a keyboard or a piece of printed paper.  The federal reserve must be eliminated, we must get rid of the unconstitutional fiat currency and return to constitutional gold and silver backed currency.


Economic Empowerment:


Supporting small businesses and local communities by eliminating unconstitutional federal regulatory burdens.

Promoting fair trade policies that benefit American entrepreneurs, workers, and consumers as well as oppose exploitation of humanity in all countries.


Eliminating the unconstitutional US Department of Education.   The federal government has no authority meddling in education with the exception of enforcing the criteria established by the ordinances, passed by the United States congress, for statehood.  Religion, as defined by our founders as “...belief in the being and perfections of God” (1828 American Dictionary of the English Language; Noah Webster) shall forever be encouraged.  This is a requirement for statehood and must be enforced “being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind” (Northwest Ordinance of 1787)


National Sovereignty:


I am an American, fortunately I was born a citizen of the United States, fortunately I grew up learning about our heritage.  I chose to join the Marine Corps for the defense of the country that I was taught, and learned, to love.  I have many family, friends, and fellow marines that have done the same.  Many of them gave their lives or health in service to our country.  It distresses me greatly to hear people talk of surrendering our sovereignty to globalists that have no interest in anything about our heritage.  Globalists that want to steal our wealth and obtain power.