Meet John

John defines himself as a Catholic Christian, striving to live in accordance with God's desires. He meticulously consults with Jesus Christ through prayer before making any major life decisions. His choice to pursue a career in the US Congress was born from deep prayer and adherence to St. Ignatius's Rules for Discernment. Embracing the principle of loving one's neighbor as oneself (Matthew 22:39), he earnestly endeavors to treat everyone as an embodiment of God's likeness.

Meeting his wife during his service in the Marine Corps, John and his spouse joyfully raise their 10 children, spanning from 15 to 33 years old. Despite the responsibilities, he managed to obtain a mechanical engineering degree from UW Madison in 2002, coinciding with the birth of seven of their children.

John's professional journey encompasses diverse industries and roles, spanning farming, construction, concrete, aircraft maintenance, industrial management, engineering, and more. Transitioning from a role as a project engineering manager in a Nebraska-based biofuel company that closed its doors in 2014, he and his wife ventured into a new enterprise—a discount grocery business. While his engineering career brought fulfillment, their grocery business now serves as an affordable solution for young working families and others, freeing up resources for their essential needs. Their motto, "Families Freeing Funds for Family Fun & Prayer," deeply resonates with their customers, encapsulating the purpose behind their initiative.