Contest Guidelines

  • Participants are encouraged to submit entries based on their interests, which may include memes, skit videos, dances, talents, writings, and more.
  • Each entry must prominently feature the John Walz for Congress logo along with his website.
  • Entries should address one or more issues that are significant to John Walz's platform.
  • All entries must align with John Walz's viewpoints; no opposing opinions are allowed.
  • Entries must refrain from using vulgar language, gratuitous violence, or sexually explicit or suggestive content.
  • Participants are responsible for ensuring compliance with all copyright laws for their creations.
  • Submission Process:
  • Entries should be submitted through the website for review and approval.
  • Approved entries will be posted on the website anonymously; names or identifiers will only be disclosed with the entry.
  • Visitors to the website will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite creations.
  • Each visitor can vote for multiple entries but can only vote for each entry once per day.
  • Voting will conclude on April 15th.
  • Winning entries, determined by the highest number of votes, will be purchased by the Committee to Elect John Walz. Prizes of $700, $300, and $100 will be awarded, and the entries will become the sole property of the committee.
  • The Committee to Elect John Walz holds no liability for entries found to be illegal in any form.
  • The Committee to Elect John Walz reserves the right to reject any entry for any reason.
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