How one Pastor feels about my bookmarks placed in area Churches.

On 2024-03-13 12:55, xxx wrote:

Dear Mr Walz,

It came to my attention after mass this morning that you, or someone in your campaign decided, without permission, to place bookmarks in our hymnals at church.  Members of our staff are now removing these bookmarks and throwing them away.  We cannot permit and will not permit campaign literature in our church.  It can jeopardize our tax exempt status and is inappropriate on many different levels.  We do not politic in church.

Please ask, instead of assuming that your campaign has permission to place items on our property., because you do not. It would have saved all of us time and money.


Fr. Xxxxx

Dear Fr. ,

Thank you for the email; I have been expecting it.

Father, when is the appropriate time to 'politic' in church?

I wonder if it is before the SCOTUS fabricates a wall of separation between Church and State – too late. Perhaps it would be before the SCOTUS throws God out of schools – nope, already done. It must be before the government muzzles the church with unconstitutional threats of interfering in Church affairs, even after they fabricated this whole separation garbage – nope, the Church cowers at the whisper of losing exempt status.  Perhaps during the communist infiltration of the Church, government, bureaucracies, educational institutions, and big business – not then either.

However, there is no way the Church will tolerate the legalization of murdering our unborn without aggressively protesting and directing their congregations to cast specifically named people out of government – Satan is winning.  It could be before the massive normalization efforts of homosexuality – no, nothing.  How about before the legalization of euthanasia – still silent.

Well, the time to be 'politic' in the Church will definitely come before Satan and his minions shift into high gear.  There is no way you will remain silent if the government, in conjunction with communist countries, manufactures bioweapons to be used against the peoples of the entire world.  Then, for the sake of the satanic globalist’s goal of depopulation, through the lure of money, incentivize the murder of hundreds of thousands in the US alone by providing subsidies to mistreat COVID, causing death and other health problems, while at the same time tormenting and imprisoning the expert voices crying foul and promoting effective treatment. The Church will surely rise to the occasion if the government further destroys families by preventing them from seeing their loved ones at holidays, nursing homes, or anywhere else.  The Church will not tolerate the elderly dying of loneliness.  Just the thought of the government destroying family businesses with nonsensical shutdowns will motivate the Church to flex their huge muscles by activating the Church Militant for righteousness!!! – NOTHING.

The time to shout from the rooftops must be before the government imposes blatantly unconstitutional dictates that we citizens, we Christians, we Catholics will NOT participate in the Pascal sacrifice of the Mass – Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on our compliance.

Although the church has allowed abortion to be legal, and the church currently tolerates it, and the church allows, through its silence, the secularization and the removal of morality to be instilled in our children, the Church would never give another inch to the violation of our innocent!  We know that it'd be better to have a millstone tied around the neck and be thrown into the sea.  The Church will definitely call out, by name, the degenerates that promote, legalize, allow, or fund the mutilation of our children – STILL NO!!!  The Church will not sit in silence and watch the transgenders indoctrinate the very young, convincing them to surrender their souls, at trans dances, story hours, pornography littering the schools – I hope you're getting the point by now.

The Church will stand up, regardless of the worldly repercussions, to defend the good Americans being persecuted by the government; framed J6’s, warriors against all that I spoke of above, Catholic churches being infiltrated by the FBI, Godly prayer warriors in front of preborn human slaughterhouses, and many more – SILENCE

Father, the Church must catch up with today’s society. As you know, the Church consists of the Jubilant, Penitent, and the Militant. We cannot, as Catholics, stick our heads in the sand, seek the help of the Church Jubilant and say we’ve done our job.  Particularly, a man of the cloth.  Our country's founders, John Witherspoon would be a very good example, realized and promoted that the clergy has a responsibility to educate their flocks about our Christian heritage.  Many of his students were revolutionaries that forfeited their lives, families, and/or wealth because of the religious bondage that England had placed upon them.  I say catch up with today’s society because people are standing out in the battlefield looking for their leader, looking for their shepherd, but cannot find them because they are hiding behind a thin piece of paper, riddled with holes and tears, that, if challenged, would dissipate.  I’m sure that you can see the mass exodus of the Catholic Church, I postulate that many are not getting the leadership that they are hungry for pertaining to the worldly battle between good and evil and so are giving up on the Church entirely or being drawn to the churches that aren’t afraid to face the battle.  I may go even further and hypothesize that many people wonder whose side the Church is actually on? People hear the Church’s leadership, which I won’t expound on in this letter. They also hear the silence of our own pastors and bishops when this leadership defrocks, penalizes, and removes great leaders like Fr. Frank Pavone, Bishop Strickland, Cardinal Burke, and Archbishop Vigano.  Remember this, most Martyrs are those that stood in the breach between God’s Will and oppressive governments.  They would have been unconcerned about a stupid tax status.

I commend you for your email to me, thank you.  However, I have questions, how many emails or letters have you sent to your representatives in the last year pertaining to any of the issues I spoke of?  How many times have you prompted your congregations to contact their representatives for any of the issues I spoke of?  If the answer is zero, then why is it you send me a letter to cease and desist?  I am hoping we are on the same side here.

If you understand what these bookmarks represent you may have a little more reverence for them than callously discarding them into the garbage.  I have given many tens of thousands of dollars to the Church and Catholic Schools.  I would be giving many more dollars to the Catholic schools that my children attend if they did not refuse to instill into the students our Christian heritage and principles upon which the Constitution is derived, however I digress.  The point that I’m making is that these dollars are worthless in comparison to the bookmarks that we have donated.  These bookmarks represent:

• The hundreds of thousands of Americans slaughtered in unconstitutional undeclared 'wars'.
• The 60 million preborn Americans slaughtered through direct abortion and the untold hundreds of millions or Americans slaughtered through abortifacients.
• The billions of societal endorsed mortal sins of promiscuity.
• The millions of people killed or maimed by corrupt government and pharmaceutical companies.
• The billions of sins of false statements for the purpose of obtaining unconstitutional government subsidies.
• The millions of citizens oppressed by a government beholden to big business elitists and globalists.
• The 1000 years that J6’ers have been sentenced to political prison gulags.
• All of the victims and sins resulting from everything that referred to earlier in this letter
• The veterans that have fought in the name of freedom and cringe when we see people responsible for promoting liberty shirk their duty to do so, especially all of the churches, schools, and media institutions.• The hundreds of hours dedicated by many volunteers to this campaign’s cause to Save the Republic.
• The absence of my kids’ father and wife’s husband because of this campaign.
• Every God-fearing American that is engaged in the fight to Save the Republic.

These are some of the reasons (as well as some of the sacrifices) that I am in this race and have created these bookmarks.  These bookmarks are far more valuable than the money that I have donated.  These bookmarks will help to restore morality in the United States; they will help to Save the Republic.  I will NOT cease donating bookmarks into missalettes and hymnals in any church.

I implemented St. Ignatius’ rules for discernment through the prayer and discernment of putting life on the back burner and jumping into this race.  I try to attend daily mass as I traverse the 80 counties of the 3rd congressional district.  In addition, I try to stop in and visit the Eucharist and pray my daily rosary.  I am inundated with campaign ideas whenever I attend mass or pray.  As hard as I try to focus, these things pop into my head.  I was praying the rosary when I believe God implanted the idea of distributing bookmarks in the churches, after all, church going people embrace social responsibility, in other words, they vote in the primaries.  This said, I dispute your comment about not having permission to place items on ‘our’ property.  Who, exactly, is ‘our’?

Last Sunday I put out a video calling upon all Americans to participate in nine days of prayer and fasting for our country.  These nine days will begin at 12:01am on May 21st and conclude at midnight of Good Friday.  I stated in the video that I put out, that as Catholic I will lead the rosary at the hour of mercy, 3:00pm, during this nine day novena. The rosary will be prayer via Zoom.  I am offering to you, Father, the opportunity to lead this nine day rosary novena.  I would be honored by your participation and endorsement of this novena.  Please let me know if you are willing.

In Christ,

John Walz